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UAEU College of Law Hosts a Seminar on " The Law and Practice of the International Criminal Court :Achievements, Challenges and Prospects ". | more...

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May 5

22nd International Annual Conference on :
“Legal Aspects of Insurance & Its Contemporary Trends” l more...


Dean′s Message


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the College of Law Web Page. The College of Law, thanks to the collective efforts of its faculty and staff members, works diligently to enhance its programs and activities in teaching, research and community service. The College of Law, being the flagship law college in the nation with a long tradition of teaching, research and community service, is proud to be an effective part of the UAE University’s mission in serving and meeting the needs of the Nation at large.
In addition to the Bachelor Degree in Law, the College introduced three Master’s Programs and is currently working on other specialized degrees and a doctoral program.
The College of Law is focused on quality outcomes for its students. Hence, following its strategy, the College links the studies with the national and local realities and needs as well as international developments. Also, the College has allotted a great deal of importance to develop the professional skills aspect of the graduates by expanding access to practical applications. For instance, legal internships at international law firms constitute a unique experience to hone the skills of law students.
Moreover, the College of Law regularly participates in international competitions such as the Philip Jessup International Law Moot Court in Washington, DC, the Monroe E. Price Media Law Moot Court in Oxford, UK, and the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court in Vienna, Austria. The law students compete against other law schools at an international level.
In addition, the College contributes to the community service by holding an annual international conference and several seminars and workshops where prominent speakers and leading experts participate and share their expertise.
That being said, The College of Law promises to continue to make every effort to be at the vanguard of law schools in service to its students and the community, and to become the leading professional college in the region with influential academic and research programs.

Dr. Mohammed Hassan Ali Mohammed